Neil will be appearing on “Joy Behar: Say Anything” on Monday, July 15 at 9PM on Current TV, where he will be discussing his career, his upcoming performance at The Theater at Westbury and his new album “The Real Neil”. Please click here for more information.

“The Real Neil” is available on CD exclusively in our Official Store by clicking here. It is also available for Digital Download on and iTunes.

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Last but certainly not least, I am very proud to announce that “The Real Neil” is now available on CD exclusively through our website store. You can also download the album digitally at and ITunes.



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Neil will be appearing on WOR 710AM today at 5:50pm to discuss "The Real Neil" with Rita Cosby.

Neil will be appearing on WOR 710AM today at 5:50pm to discuss “The Real Neil” with Rita Cosby. For those of you outside the New York area who would like to listen, please click here.

“The Real Neil” is NOW available on and iTunes for Digital Download.

“The Real Neil” is also available on CD exclsuively on our website. To purchase your copy, please click here.

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0 The Real Neil & Other News

Neil is very proud to announce the release of "The Real Neil" in the United States.

Real_Neil_300x300Neil is very proud to announce the release of “The Real Neil” in the United States.

“The Real Neil” is a collection of new songs with a few Sedaka classics. “The most challenging task for a songwriter is to write a simple tune but still bring an emotional feeling to it”, says Neil. ” After 60 years of writing, I am very proud of these new songs. This is my first acoustic album. Piano and voice, the pure form of the song, just the way I write them. The songs are very personal and come from my soul. It’s the culmination of all the years of writing. No frills. No production gimmicks.”

The album closes with classically trained Neil’s first piano concerto ‘Manhattan Intermezzo’, recorded with the Philharmonia Orchestra of London at Air Studios in London.

“The Real Neil” will only be available for purchase on CD exclusively through by clicking here. It was also be available at all of Neil’s upcoming performances.

Rest assured, you will be able to purchase “The Real Neil” on or ITunes next week.

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To purchase your copy of “The Real Neil”, please click here.